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Why a Limo Service to LAX is Your Best Option Comments Off on Why a Limo Service to LAX is Your Best Option

Private Car Service to LAX

If you live in Southern California, chances are you have flown in and out of LAX at some point along the way. Maybe in the past, you have used a rideshare service.  Unfortunately, utilizing ridesharing has numerous drawbacks. Here are just a few reasons why you may not want to use rideshare.

What are the drawbacks of Rideshare to and from LAX?

There are some real disadvantages from utilizing rideshare. Here are just a few.

Surge Pricing and/or waiting

With rideshare, you could be subject to “surge pricing”. Surge pricing means that you pay more when demand for rides services goes up.

If you are not willing to pay the higher pricing, you will have to wait until prices come back down. If you are trying to catch a flight in to or out of LAX, do you really want to subject yourself to that kind of uncertainty?


Rideshare drivers are usually part-timers, meaning that they area working full-time doing something else. This can result in a rideshare driver who is more likely to get into an accident if they are too tired to drive alertly and safely. The chauffeurs at Adrian Limousines are full-time, professional drivers whose only job is to get you to LAX on time and safely.

No Meet and Greet

Rideshares do not offer meet and greet.

What is meet and greet? This is a premium service where the driver will be waiting for you at baggage claim. Once you arrive, the driver warmly greets you, helps you with your luggage and escorts you to the vehicle.

Condition of Vehicle

With rideshare, you won’t know what shape your vehicle is in before it arrives. It could be very messy and smelly. Afterall, you could get picked up in a rideshare that hours earlier had a rowdy and messy/stinky group of passengers.

Advantages of Private Car Service to and from LAX

There are many advantages to booking private car service to LAX over rideshare.

No Surprise Pricing

When you book private car or limo service to LAX with Adrian Limousines, you’ll always know in advance what you’re paying for the ride, so that there are no “surge pricing” surprises and no waiting around for pricing to drop, that can occur with rideshare.


At Adrian Limousines, client safety is one of our top priorities. That is why we only hire, full-time, professional chauffeurs, with stellar safety records, to drive our vehicles. This ensures that you get to and from the airport, safely and securely.

We Offer Meet and Greet

One of the many benefits of reserving private car service with Adrian Limousines is that we offer meet and greet services, as well as curbside pickup. That means rather you waiting or searching to find your driver, our driver will be waiting to graciously greet you inside the airport. Our driver can also assist you with your luggage as he or she escorts you to our luxuriously appointed vehicle.

Clean Vehicles

At Adrian Limousines, our late model, luxurious vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and deodorized, for each and every trip. That means you will never step into a dirty, messy or stinky vehicle when you ride with us.

Ready to book LAX limo service? Simply call us at 888-634-7155 or reserve your ride to or from LAX today.

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